nimoble : agile solution


Geoble is a utility to get google map for flash lite (1.1 n higher version) or nokia wrt-widget.  We can load google map in flash lite 1.1 or higher version. Where we can navigate (longitude and latitude) as well zoom (in or out).


Where main thing behind this utility is you will get google map based on GPS data. That will automatically consider your ~location.


So, that will helpful for those device too where no facility to get GPS data easily. Initially you can get facility to get map with navigation based on increment and decrement of longitude and/or latitude values, as well zoom in and zoom out.


For future planning, you can mark your tag on it and different layout like satellite view.


Geoble provides you image data that you load easily inside flash lite, wrt-widget and other technologies too.




Here by default you can get GPS enabled image with the size of 200×200 px and zoom level is 5 point.


For customize this graph you can set different parameters like,




Formats for parameter will be


size : widthxheight

zoom : number

lng (longitude) and lat (latitude) you can set + (plus) or – (minus) of actual location.


Also you can get xml data like country, time zone, longitude and latitude.




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